Help Save Her Life


By: Christophina P. Nyanneh

 A 26 year old woman, Juliean D. Junkameei who is suffering from a health condition (sickness) known as Appendicitis and Ovarian Cyst is appealing to the government of Liberia, philanthropists and kindhearted individuals to help save her life.

Appendicitis is a painful swelling of the appendix, a small, thin pouch about 5 to 10cm (2 to 4 inches) long. It’s connected to the large intestine. The sickness occurs when the appendix, a finger-sized tube located where the large and small intestines connect in the lower right side of the abdomen (belly) becomes inflamed or infected.

In an interview with the Liberia Health and Rights Journalists Network, Ms. Junkameei said she was rushed to ELWA hospital in 2014 after experiencing severe pain on her right side, and was told that she had developed appendicitis and needed operation.

“My stomach can really hurt me, I can vomit, I can bleed over plus, and I can be weak” she said.

Junkameei further revealed that after two years, she was again diagnosed with ovarian cyst, prompting her to undergo surgery for the second time. She explained that since that time she usually experience severe pains especially during her menstrual period.

According to her, she had visited several hospitals, clinics, churches and herbalists along with her along with her mother, Julie Anders, and have spent all the money they every worked for treatment but no solution.

“They operated on me for the second time, but after the surgery till now, I feel severe pain every day especially during my period. We have tried every method but no way. I’m really in pain and I need help. The doctor said I need to go Ghana for treatment” he said. 

Also speaking, Juliean’s mother, Julie Anders in a frustrated tone expressed sadness over her daughters’ health condition, and appealed for whatever assistance people can give them.

“I feel so bad and sad seeing my daughter going through such pain every day—and I can’t do anything about it” Madam Anders said.


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